Seeing the future by Emia – Iranian Predictor

Iman Sedighi, known as Emia, has had premonitions of the future for years. He has dreamt of many significant global events beforehand.

He always publishes his dreams on the internet for his audience as soon as they happen so that everyone can witness them, ensuring there is no chance to deceive people.

Emia is ready to collaborate with any scientific organization and skeptics. And he wants to prove his ability to scientists.

Recently, he dreamt of a blue flame.

Someone told him that this flame is intelligent and different from other flames.

The next morning, Iran’s gas stations were hacked by Israeil and the Israeil’s media confirmed it.

Smart fire meant hacking the gas station. And the color blue meant Israel, Because the flag of Israel is blue, And this color is the color of Israel.

That same day, he saw another dream;

In the dream, he was inside a large room, And there were about 30 people in the room.

Emia did not recognize any of them.

One of them happily showed Emia a blue agate ring that had separated from its metal part.

In fact, the ring was broken.

He had a few other broken rings in his hand as well.

The agate ring in Iran symbolizes religious and governmental people.

A few days later, Israel assassinated a significant Iranian military commander in Suria named Seyed Razi Mousavi. After that, several other military personnel were also killed by Israel.

He realized that in that dream, he had been among the Israelis, and the blue color of the ring was a symbol of Israel. The broken agate ring signified the killing of Iranian military commanders, and the person holding the broken rings and being happy symbolized an Israeli individual.

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A few months before the news of moral and sexual corruption among officials in Iran was published, Emia had a strange dream. In that dream, there was a large bathhouse, and some of the officials were inside it together. Several guards were stationed at the bathhouse door, not allowing anyone to enter. Outside the bathhouse, a number of people had gathered, chanting slogans. A few months later, it was revealed that some officials in Iran were involved in sexual corruption and had same-sex relations, which is prohibited in Iran.

Several months before the October 7, attack on Israel by Hamas, Emia had a strange dream. He dreamt he was in the sky, in a place similar to a desert, where many people were moving like a flood. As he got closer to the ground, he realized that some of them were alive and some were dead. He had a bad feeling about this dream, feeling that something bad was going to happen to a lot of people. Then the October 7 incident by Hamas happened, and the location of that attack was in border cities and resembled a desert. People were fleeing that day, and what happened was similar to Emia’s dream.

Several months before the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, Emia dreamed that he was standing beside the Queen of Death, with Joe Biden further away.

He said that the Queen of England would die while Biden was president, and Emia’s prediction came true.

Before the 2017 American elections, Emia dreamed that Trump and Hillary Clinton were standing, each in front of a ballot box.

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All the people were in front of Hillary, but she was upset, and Trump was happy.

It seemed that Trump knew he would win the election.

Emia published his dream, but no one agreed with him.

Most polls said that Hillary had more popularity and votes than Trump.

But in the end, Trump won the election, just as Emia had seen in his dream.

Several years ago, Emia had a dream that he was in a large and important building underground. Some of the officials and key figures of the Iranian government were also there. Suddenly, the electricity was cut off, and everyone was scared. The next day, it was announced in the news that Israel had infiltrated Iran’s nuclear facilities and cut off their electricity.

Emia has had other prophecies as well and wants to prove his ability to scientists. His predictions continue, and he announces them before they happen. Emia discerns his significant dreams and only announces those. He doesn’t speak of various dreams so that some might happen by chance.

All the dreams he has announced have been prophecies and related to events that have occurred. His ability could save many peoples and should not be overlooked.

Seeing the future by Emia